PMI-PM Network: “Improve the powerpoint skills of a project manager”

(Publicado en el blog de Ramon Costa, Director Académico del postgrado, www.ramoncosta.net)

In the number of PM Network September 2011 (www.pmi.com), there is a very interesting and useful article “Improve your powerpoint skills” addressed to Project Managers, with a collection of recommendations.


I proposo you to access to it and read it complete details, but I want to list some of them:

  • Don’t rush it. Like a project, presentation should begin with a plan
  • Don’t overuse jargon. Too many project management terms will only befuddle most audiences
  • The fewer slides, the better. Project managers should keep presentations brief – particularly when presenting to internal stakeholders such as executives
  • Use storytelling techniques. When presenting to external stakeholders, including the public, project managers often are trying to build relationships
  • Focus on the essentials. Limit each slide to no more than two takeaways
  • Pay attention to alignment. “Turn on the gridlines in PowerPoint”
  • Take the readability test. Print out your deck and place those sheets of paper on the floor
  • Make adjustments – even mid – presentations


And be sure to avoid:

  • Use of fonts hard to read
  • Poor color combinations
  • Too much text per slide
  • Tacky clip art

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